Labor Relations and Education Department

The Labor Relations and Education Department assists associated companies and offers advice on all the following subjects:

Labor relations

Represents the whole Fashion sector in all issues pertaining to industrial relations and labor laws vis à vis Confindustria, the Italian Government and Public Agencies in labor, social security, health and safety matters. It assists the Federate Associations during negotiations and stipulation of the national labor contract for the sectors of glasses, skin and leather, textile, clothing, fashion, shoes. It gives assistance in interpreting and applying the national labor contract and all the laws concerning labor, social security, and sectorial welfare (Previmoda and Sanimoda). It gives assistance to companies in union disputes with National labor unions. The association’s web site provides members with information concerning labor and industrial relationship issues.

Training and education

Our mission is to ensure that associate companies have all the necessary skills to reach a better professional qualification for the employees in the sector, both in terms of basic training, from school and university, and in terms of constant updating of the existing workforce. Vis à vis Confindustria, the Italian Government and educational institutions, we represent the whole Fashion sector on topics related to professional training, school and professional orientation, continuing education.

Head of the Department

Carlo Mascellani

Tel. 02 3824 6693


Monica Villa

Tel. 02 3824 6693