thousands of businesses


billion euro in revenues


thousands of employees


export turnover

Confindustria Moda (Italian Federation of Textiles, Fashion and Accessories) converges member companies of SMI (Italian Fashion System), ASSOPELLETTIERI (Leather Goods Manufacturer Association), AIP (Italian Fur Trade Association), ANFAO (Italian Optical Goods Manufacturers’ Association), ASSOCALZATURIFICI (Italian Footwear Manufacturers’ Association), FEDERORAFI (Italian National Federation of Gold Jewellery – Silverware – Jewellery Manufacturers) and UNIC (Italian Tanning Industry Association).

It represents around 64,300 companies that specialise in Made in Italy products, and which generate a turnover of 97.9 billion euro, providing employment to  575,000 workers. Confindustria Moda member companies represent the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and hold leading positions in international markets. In 2019, the export percentage of their turnover was 69.2%.

Claudio Marenzi, Past President of SMI (Italian Fashion System), was elected first President of the new Federation, while Cirillo Marcolin, Past President of ANFAO is the Vice-President.

Astrid Galimberti (ANFAO) and Gianfranco Di Natale (SMI) are the two co-directors.

Confindustria Moda – which was introduced to the press on 28 March 2017 at a meeting attended by the Undersecretary for Economic Development, Ivan Scalfarotto, and the President of Confindustria, Vincenzo Boccia – is fully operative since 2018, in the offices of the new headquarters in Milan that converged all member associations and exhibition events organised within its framework.

The Federation offers its members (who express specific competences on the vertical themes of each sector) legal consulting services, management of industrial relations and the service of an economics & statistics bureau.

Confindustria Moda is the new federation which brings together the companies and the associations of textiles, fashion and accessories: the excellence of Italian manufacture.